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When mentioning “water”, it often conjures up many images. For example, the pureness of icebergs, cleansing flow of waterfalls, refreshing crispness of lakes and flowing waves along a beach. Water is essential to life and we are naturally drawn to its majestic beauty. The mystical allure of water evokes many emotions and has a very calming appeal.
Over time, the concept of bringing the natural sounds of water into the landscape has evolved. From ponds with waterfalls and streams to ornamental fountains, there are many ways to incorporate water accents in the landscape. This week we will focus on water fountains which create a relaxing and mesmerizing environment. We are able to create a myriad of water fountains large and small.

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Limestone Fountain

Water fountains can add many desirable qualities to not only the landscape but to your life with very little effort. Aside from reducing stress, water fountains can mask traffic noise, enhance outdoor settings and help create a serene space or any size. Additionally, fountains can attract songbirds which are in sharp decline.

Fountains can be mounted to the wall taking up virtually little space; they can be added into existing mature landscapes with little interruption as well as integrated into hardscape environments. Any planting pot can be turned into a fountain and are made of all types of materials to match any décor or motif and in any color imaginable. Fountain systems require very little power to operate and as easy as it is to have a fountain, it is almost hard to find a reason not to install one.

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Courtyard Fountain

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Urn Water Fountain


Things to be looking for on your property this week:

  • Watering is a key theme this month – keep everything alive!
  • Weed garden beds to keep their seeds from dropping now to prevent more weeds from sprouting later.
  • Fertilize plants but not trees right now and remember that plants should be moist if using a water soluble fertilizer.
  • The heat brings spider mites out in force. Apply insecticidal soap but not above 85 degree temps.
  • Add water to the compost bin and turn frequently to ensure it heats up to the desired 140-160 degree mark. It should have the consistency of a wrung out sponge.
  • Look for white grubs in the lawn and mow less often in this heat and make sure the cutting decks are elevated.
  • Hollies can be sprayed for leaf miner.
  • Lilacs may get powdery mildew but it should not affect the blooms next year. Let it go unless it is severe.
  • Keep your Roses and other perennials deadheaded for continuous blooms and perennials that are done blooming can be cut back.
  • Plant seeds for fall vegetable crops such as kale, carrots, radishes, beets and turnips.
  • Keep soil moisture even to prevent tomato and pepper blossom end rot and allow plenty of air and sunlight around them.

For an incredible garden tour this month, check out Greenwood Gardens, 274 Old Short Hills Road, Short Hills. Tours are very limited due to current projects and expansion. Thursdays at 2 pm and the first Saturday of each month at 10 am are scheduled one hour tours. Call ahead to schedule a private tour. 973-258-4026. This historic hidden gem is filled with fountains, splendid architecture and rare plant species. Renovation was recently completed on a stunning water fountain with Rookwood tile.


Greenwood Gardens, Short Hills NJ