For gardeners and lovers of landscaping, the winter months are when both gardeners and plants are taking a much needed rest. While it’s cold and dreary outside, plants have gone dormant losing their leaves and don’t produce new growth or flowers. At this time you can see that there is a variety of winter interest […]

It’s been a lovely fall and now it’s time to prepare for Thanksgiving and the holidays. Allow winter to be a glorious show of outdoor beauty throughout the cold months. This season we are featuring many gorgeous options for your very own version of the winter season. We can create winter arrangements for you that […]

Statile & Todd has once again been featured on Houzz! Autumn is in full swing here in the Northeast, and there are plenty of things to do to prepare your plantings for the upcoming freezing weather. This checklist provided by Houzz gives homeowners across the US tips on what to do to get ready for […]

As we bundle up and head outside during February we often confront the coldest temperatures of the year. Standing water is frozen solid, snow falls, and wind chills can approach zero degrees. It is hard to imagine how plants can possibly survive in wea…