Wondering what you can do to create an outdoor living space that you’ll actually use? Take a look through these 16 Alluring Patio Designs HGTV put together giving you some creative ideas for your space. Our favorite is of course the Oasis we created in Brooklyn, a contemporary design of rectilinear stone and barn red […]

Statile & Todd was featured in Design NJ‘s October/November 2013 issue for creating a beautiful backyard retreat that the New Providence homeowners can use throughout the year. This outdoor living space includes a new multi-level bluestone patio, with a fully equipped outdoor kitchen, dining area and seating area in front of a beautiful outdoor fireplace. […]

Now that the weather has been consistently warm, and everyone is spending more time outdoors, it’s time to make sure your landscape is looking as beautiful as the weather. What better way to enhance your landscape then by planting containers of annual flowers. Annual containers are a great way to add color and texture to […]

Additions to homes are common – they typically add a new room, or expand an existing room, so the family has more living space. Increasingly homeowners are asking for additions to their landscape. These are not entirely new spaces that are separate from any existing landscape element. These are additions or expansions to an in […]

FORCING SPRING BLOOMS IN YOUR HOMEAbout this time of the year, gardeners in the colder climates are very ready for spring. One way gardeners can speed up the onset of the flowering season is to force branches into blooming indoors. This is a great way …