Surprise!!! We’ve started visiting local client’s orchard to check on the trees’ development and looking at all of their fruit trees over the past few weeks. Most trees have been in the very early stages of growth, just beyond dormancy. On March 17 while our arborist walked in to a local orchard, he was surprised […]

Ever admire your friend and neighbor’s spring bulbs and tell yourself to remember to plant more in your yard? Now is that time! Statile & Todd has been a proud supporter of Komen North Jersey for many years. If you know a cancer survivor or someone who has died of cancer, this fall we are […]

Winter has finally loosened its grip on the New Jersey area as temperatures remained steady above freezing for the first time this year. This weekend promises for more of the same and folks will be spending lots of time outside surveying their properties and/or enjoying time in gardens and parks. Spring is the time of […]

Spring is in its full glory right now. Daffodils and hyacinths are gone and the forsythia is already pushing out new vegetative growth to replace the vibrant yellow blast of its flowers. Right now, Dogwoods, redbuds, fothergilla, azaleas, lilacs, wisteria and viburnums, are reaching their bloom prime.   Vinca groundcover is lush with blue flowers. […]

On the first day of spring—the vernal equinox—day and night are 12 hours long. Spring officially began at 1:14 am this morning. It’s HERE! Earthworms wiggle, birds sing, and buds and bulbs are beginning to sprout everywhere. One plant in rare form right now is Helleborus. Their deep green leaves and unusually shaped flowers give […]

February was a cold and snowy month here in New Jersey. One bright spot in the plant kingdom is Witch Hazel, Hamamelis Virginiana which reaches its splendor in late February and continues on into March. These images were taken this past weekend and th…

March has many different weather personalities in the New Jersey Garden. From frigid cold to whipping winds, to driving rains, these months test the winter tolerance and hardiness of both plants and plantsmen alike. So, when the hale and hardy Hellebor…