If you are like a lot of suburban homeowners, the location and the house itself are two driving factors that help you decide whether or not to buy a home. Rarely is the decision based heavily around topography or existing landscaping or masonry features. This was the case for John and Tina Livia, of Summit, […]

Crisp fall weather is upon us and there is nothing quite like the warmth that a fire throws off to take that chill away.  Outdoor fireplaces anchor any patio space or outdoor room giving it not only a focal point, but a natural place to congregate.  Add to that the warmth of a fire and the space and […]

On one of our recent projects, the client wanted to add a freestanding stone  wall reminiscent of the stone walls existing on the old farmsteads.  This wall seperates a woodland garden from the backyard area creating a ‘secret’ garden space to relax in amongst the natural plantings.

One of the more interesting trends we’ve seen in the last 5 years is the evolution of the driveway from a simple means to an end, into a style and design statement in its own right. The key factor in this development is the architect’s push to make the driveway more than just a thoroughfare, […]