One of the more interesting trends we’ve seen in the last 5 years is the evolution of the driveway from a simple means to an end, into a style and design statement in its own right. The key factor in this development is the architect’s push to make the driveway more than just a thoroughfare, and the landscape contractors ability to both leverage our construction experience and interact with the asphalt contractor. At Statile and Todd we have been using our masonry experience to bring bluestone, cobblestone and other natural materials into the driveway. We have developed great working relationships with asphalt contractors and stamped concrete contractors and the effects are quite striking. If you need help with making your next driveway design something uniquely beautiful – please call us we’d love to discuss our experience with you.

We designed and installed this driveway with a cobblestone edging, bluestone surface, and upright piers at the entrance from the street. We worked closely with the asphalt contractor to assure assure a perfect transition and finish to the asphalt section. The bluestone slabs on the driveway are 4″ thick and are mortared to a 6″ reinforced concrete base, over an 8″ crushed stone base. Prior to installation each piece of the bluestone was laid out and individually cut to fit together like a jigsaw puzzle. There are uniform 1/2″ mortar joints on each side of every piece of bluestone. This is precision work that will last for generations even under the stress of vehicular traffic and snow plowing. The stone piers each hold a sandblasted and polished granite address inset, and both piers are uplighted. The driveway entrance makes a statement about the quality of the home that lays beyond.

The asphalt, cobblestone edging, and bluestone pavement come together at the front entryway to the home, mirroring the effect of the entrance at the street. The bluestone on the driveway blends seamlessly into the walkway to the front door of the home. This is well designed and elegant way to enter an estate home.

We worked closely with a stamped concrete contractor to create this driveway. Our stone piers with integrated wrought iron railings flank the entrance. The stamped concrete resembles slabs of natural stone. Radiant heating embedded in the concrete prevents the build-up of ice and snow. The interplay between the piers, driveway and stone on the house unites all three elements into a single theme.

The landscape architect on this project wanted more than just a paver driveway, he wanted a courtyard effect. We built his design to perfection and the combination of the piers, circular wall and pavers creates an effect that is timeless, elegant and unique.

The driveway to this Somerset County estate meanders through wooded areas and open meadows. Although the driveway generally follows the natural contour of the land there we performed significant shaping of the earth for visual effect and drainage. Meadow grasses that we installed add color and texture. There is a sense of wonder and suspense as you drive up to the home – and the home does not disappoint