It’s been a lovely fall and now it’s time to prepare for Thanksgiving and the holidays. Allow winter to be a glorious show of outdoor beauty throughout the cold months. This season we are featuring many gorgeous options for your very own version of the winter season. We can create winter arrangements for you that […]

This week we are reaching record temperatures for the year and many of our container plants are at serious risk of dying. The rule of thumb is that the bigger the container, the better able it is to hold moisture. The smaller the container, the more apt it will be to become distressed more quickly. […]

Winter is approaching. Now is the time to display colorful outdoor planter arrangements in choice ornamental containers for your porch, patio or entryway. Paying careful attention to design elements such as scale, texture and color, they will delight the senses through the bleak winter months. These focal points can be inexpensive and eco-friendly using clippings […]

As we bundle up and head outside during February we often confront the coldest temperatures of the year. Standing water is frozen solid, snow falls, and wind chills can approach zero degrees. It is hard to imagine how plants can possibly survive in wea…