A recent article published in the NY Times suggests that the way forests work is shifting based on environmental factors. Based on the research done so far it looks like forests are able to make do with less water, making them more resilient against the higher temperatures and droughts we’re seeing with climate change. A […]

Now is a great time to think about what to plant to replace all those NJ trees that we lost last fall from Hurricane Sandy. This is a symbolic day when people are encouraged to plant trees and this year, we have deeply symbolic reasons to plant trees in NJ. We were part of the […]

A war was declared in New Jersey that very few New Jersey residents ever heard about.  In 2002, the discovery of the Asian Long Horned Beetle could have seen devastation to hardwood trees in New Jersey if the Department of Agriculture had not reacted as quickly and effectively as it did.  An infestation of this […]

New York and New Jersey were hit hard last week as Hurricane Sandy barreled onto shore, bringing with it 60-70 mph winds with gusts reaching 90 mph. Sandy destroyed the NJ coastline, sending some houses out to sea with thousands of others becoming damaged from flooding, gas leaks, uprooted trees and much more. In the […]

Arbor Day is a day set aside for the planting and caring for trees. The first one was celebrated on April 10th 1872 when an estimated 1,000,000 trees were planted nationwide on that day. In the United States, it is celebrated on the final Friday of April. Planting trees and the education surrounding the importance […]

Winter in its nakedness, offers us an opportunity to study the architectural forms of trees that comprise our landscape. When designers begin to layout a landscape they usually start with the trees, ornamental or shade trees. Why? In the life cycle of …

FORCING SPRING BLOOMS IN YOUR HOMEAbout this time of the year, gardeners in the colder climates are very ready for spring. One way gardeners can speed up the onset of the flowering season is to force branches into blooming indoors. This is a great way …