Giant in a Field

Arbor Day is a day set aside for the planting and caring for trees. The first one was celebrated on April 10th 1872 when an estimated 1,000,000 trees were planted nationwide on that day. In the United States, it is celebrated on the final Friday of April. Planting trees and the education surrounding the importance of trees are usually part of the celebration activities. Many schools customize their curriculum around this message on Arbor Day….but it is a message that needs to be constant year round.

John Todd’s, (owner of Statile Todd) family began their horticulture forays via the tree industry in the 1920’s with the company Peter’s Todd’s. It was his uncle’s business and John began as climber when he was a teenager. Eventually, he bought the business and it continues today as a sister company to Statile & Todd. John is a tree lover and may be most at home when he is walking the fields of Halka Nursery tagging trees for various landscaping jobs. Trees form the structural living bones of a landscape, and preserving them with proper care is a responsibility that property owners have to ensure that the trees thrive for future generation. We are stewards of the land and proper care for trees, both large and small, enable a healthy balanced ecosystem to exist.

Saucer Magnolia being Transplanted

So today, plant a tree if you can to mark Arbor Day with the hope that over time, it grows to provide shade and a peaceful surrounding for others to enjoy. If that is not possible for you, then recognize the important role that trees play in our well being and those of our planet. These silent giants give to us enormous benefits….the least we can do is provide the proper care to enable them to live long and thrive.