Once again, a photo of a Statile & Todd project was chosen by the editors of the web site Houzz.com to illustrate a story they were writing.  This particular story is about turning a side yard into a garden space.  The 4th image in the story  is of a pathway that connects the front space of a property with the rear yard.  The entire space is a garden with a stepping stone pathway the connects the two areas.  Perennials, flowering shrubs and bulbs are used to provide color and accent at various times of the year.  You can catch a glimpse of the red barn that is at the rear of the property.  It provides a visual destination as one meanders down the pathway.  Creeping thyme and other small ground cover plants fill in the narrow  spaces between the stepping stones.  The river birch trees provide an open airy vertical element to the space. We are thrilled that the editors of Houzz.com continue to find inspiration from the images we post, we hope you do as well.