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As spring draws near and the temperature is rising by the day, so much beauty abounds. Flowers are blooming, trees are beginning to see buds, and birds are returning to the area after a long winter.

These are some of the things we love about this magical time of year, but when our client called us recently about over a hundred Canadian geese descending on their pond, we understood their concern. A fascinating sight indeed, but not ideal for one’s property. To help, we called in Geese Chasers of North Jersey to remove the geese from the property safely and without harming them.

Property Management

Estate Management from The Todd Group

Estate management is a broad service offering that The Todd Group offers, and it includes maintenance of a property year-round. In every season, our estate managers visit properties to check for potential storm damage, excess debris, and any other disturbances. Estate management in the winter can be especially useful if clients spend any part of the season elsewhere. Clients enjoy peace of mind that comes with knowing The Todd Group is caring for their property while they are away.

Calling on Experts

For this client, we brought in one of our many expert partners to mitigate the situation. Northern New Jersey is an area that has a high population of Canadian geese. Geese Chasers uses Border Collie dogs to stalk the geese, convincing them that there is a predator approaching, although the dogs never actually come into contact with the birds. It’s effective and harmless.

A Holistic View of Landscape Management

Our estate management services are intended to provide clients’ homes the wide-ranging landscaping care they need, but we take a much more holistic, long-term view. We recognize that every property has its own ecosystem with a variety of plants, trees, and flowers with specific needs—and a history of past care. Our services include everything you would expect—such as lawn care and maintenance, tree and shrub care, turf management, irrigation, lighting services, planning and care for gardens, annual enhancements, and more—as well as nontraditional services like meadow management, or in this case, mitigation of unwanted birds on open spaces.

Our knowledge and expertise are unmatched in northern New Jersey and our history of implementing best practices with many estates speaks for itself. However, we are never afraid to call on our partners to help us deliver the very best service to our clients. We have many experts on which we lean in challenging situations. Our primary goal is making our clients happy, and if we aren’t certain about what to do in a situation, chances are we know someone who will be.

We Turn Landscape Dreams into Reality

Bottom line: our passion is maintaining your property at its most beautiful state. If we can answer any questions about our estate management services, please call us at (908) 204-9918 or submit a form and we’ll be in touch soon.