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Your outdoor space is your oasis, and nothing adds ambiance to luxury landscaping like lighting. There are many different options that can help you achieve a relaxing, inviting atmosphere at night in your yard—from LED lighting to uplighting, from path lights to lanterns. Here are a few tips on how to enhance and beautify your property with lighting:


Light the trees.

Uplighting is the most common way to bring your trees to life at night—an approach where you place small spotlights around the base of a tree and shine them up onto its branches. Another option is moon lighting, wherein lights are placed inconspicuously in a tree’s branches. This creates a glowing effect and a sophisticated, serene look and vibe.


Lead the way with path lighting.

Gentle path lights make your property feel safer and more secure at night, but they also add charm as you stroll your walkways. Space them out evenly and not too close together. When it comes to pathway lighting, less is more. The goal is not to highlight each step of the way, but rather, make it so you can enjoy your property as easily at night as you can during the day.


Highlight your outdoor kitchen space.

LED tape along the underside of your outdoor kitchen counterspace is a great way to make a workspace functional, but not too bright. A few attractive sconces along the nearest wall can provide additional task lighting.


Light pergolas and other structures.

A covered patio or pergola will feel more welcoming and usable with soft, dim lighting—nothing that makes you and your guests feel as though you’re on stage. Consider a central light combined with strings of globe lights, or smaller, recessed lights spread across the ceiling.


Highlight sculptures or features.

Fountains, ponds, rock gardens, statues—these features are intended to add focal points to your property, so why not draw attention to them with a bit of subtle mood lighting? Play with lighting from within, downlighting, and uplighting to see what creates the most soothing effect and adds interest to your property without overdoing it.


A beautifully landscaped yard should be an extension of your home, and good lighting can make this space one that you savor long after the sun goes down. Lighting makes things more welcoming and warm and invites you to explore those forgotten areas further from away your house, like a fire pit at a rear fence or a second patio at the perimeter of your property. The Todd Group has extensive experience enhancing luxury landscaping with outdoor lighting. Contact us to discuss your vision. We’ll help you bring it to life.