Summer weather has finally arrived and hopefully the rainfall will come into balance. The heavy rain created fungus and pest issues for many plants and lawns. If you have proper drainage and healthy soil, this should not have been as much of a problem.

Since we are now about to get a long string of hot sunny days to follow the heavy rain, we felt it would be helpful to share some irrigation and watering tips:

  • Before you water, allow the hose to run until the water is cold. Plants are often scalded from the hot water sitting in the hose without people even being aware of it.
  • Plants look the same when they are under watered and over watered. Check the soil around the plant to see if it is wet before watering. Over watering is a common problem for most plants.
  • Water the roots and aim the hose at the base of the plant (do not spray the leaves from the top, especially tomatoes). This allows the plant to distribute the water up through the roots and into the leaves more thoroughly.
  • It is best to water more thoroughly and less often than adding a quick sprinkle every day.
  • Avoid watering at dusk or near the evening as the moisture will not have time to evaporate. This can cause fungus issues.

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Some Like it Hot!

 Check out these plants that can withstand the dog days of summer: (click on images for a larger view).

White Angelonia


Annuals include White Angelonia and Portulaca. Perennials include Agastache ‘Desert Sunrise’, Veronica ‘Royal Candles’, Gaillardia, Plumbago and Lavender.

Agastache Desert Sunrise




What you should be thinking about now:

  • It is not too late to get those tomatoes, peppers and squash in the ground!
  • Deadhead Roses and all other perennials and annuals for continuous blooms
  • Roses should be sprayed with regular applications of fungicide to address Black Spot and defoliation.
  • Keep spent blooms and dead leaves cleaned up under plants to prevent pests and diseases
  • If plant leaves look yellow or brown, do not assume they are dry. Aphids, mites and bugs are appearing now. Spray them off or use an insecticidal soap for removal.
  • Apply fertilizer and grub control to the lawn areas

To beat the heat, a splendid display called “Festival of Fountains” is running now through September 2nd at Longwood Gardens.

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