One web site that we have come to enjoy a lot is If you have not visited it, please do as it is a fabulous source for ideas. Statile & Todd has just started to upload images to the site in order to share our projects with a wider audience who is looking for ideas. The site is an image based resource site where visitors tag photos and place them in their “idea books”. An idea book functions as a folder where you deposit images to reference back to. If you are remodeling a kitchen, bathroom, living room or garden, chances are you have a folder tucked away in a drawer with tear sheets from magazines of spaces that inspire you or help translate an idea for a professional designer to reference. This site functions as those folders. It’s a really interesting concept that is helpful to expand the audience that becomes familiar with our work and capabilities. The editors from Houzz chose a picture from our images to help illustrate an article they were writing of a Mediterranean garden. (It’s the 5th image in the above link) The image is of a fountain that we restored in a historic garden originally designed by Ellen Biddle Shipman, a renowned landscape designer from the 1920’s. Using copies of her original drawings (housed at Cornell University’s Landscape Architecture Library), we sourced the tiles to the original manufacturer from California!! They still manufactured the same tiles that she specified when the garden was built in the 1920’s!! We replicated the pattern as depicted in her drawings bringing back to life a fountain designed 90 years ago by one of the pioneers of Landscape Architecture.