Shoretown Paradise - NJ Shore Landscape Design

The Todd Group is proud to work alongside some of the best architectural firms in the country. This New Jersey Shore home was designed by Chris Rice of Rice and Brown Architects, a renowned East Coast firm that builds upscale beach houses that echo 1920s-style seaside architecture while offering modern conveniences. Teaming up with Rice and Brown as well as Frank DelleDonne Interiors, The Todd Group’s landscape architect Jeff Higinbotham designed a landscape that takes advantage of the surrounding natural beauty. We also continue to maintain the property.

Purple was the color of choice at the request of the homeowners, who sought a whimsical flair. Dwarf butterfly bushes, hydrangea, Russian sage, and vitex as well as other perennials that produce perpetual color were planted throughout the property. To create an abstracted dune feel, we included many different grasses throughout the landscape. Long bloom stalks dance in the breeze and add movement to the topography.

Our enhancement team creates stunning containers to accent a home’s other landscape features. Here, we planted colorful, draping flowers in the front-facing window boxes of the home to create a welcoming feel. Those flowers include petunias, Angelonia white, and dichondra silver falls. Elsewhere, we planted cleome sparklers and salvia to complement the flowers in the window boxes and bring everything together. We installed a drip irrigation system to keep these containers moist during the hot summer months.

This beach oasis has a backyard perfect for frequent entertaining. We adhered to the warm, inviting ambiance of the outdoor entertainment space by adding a range of colorful plants, bright perennials, and flowering shrubs. To keep with the natural look and feel of this “living” patio space, the bronte stone walkways feature a creeping thyme inlay that delivers a refreshing aroma.

Working with clients to make their outdoor spaces beautiful is what we love. If you have a team in place already, we’re comfortable stepping in as your landscape partner. We’ve been creating premier outdoor spaces for discerning homeowners for over four decades. Call us at (908) 204-9918 today to learn more about how we can turn your dreams into reality.


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