Although The Todd Group often helps homeowners renovate existing landscapes, we also work with those who are moving into new homes and want to build a vision from the ground up. Such was the case with this beautiful New Vernon estate. Our clients purchased an old farm property that included a newly built home, timeworn guest cottage, a few outbuildings and a pond. Their goal was to embrace the country homestead feel while bringing the landscape into the 21st century. As the clients completed renovations and updates to the various buildings that made up the estate, we worked in concert with landscape architect Lawrence J. Tencza Associates to marry artistry, history, and beauty.

In keeping with the property’s rich history, we created surfaces (walkways, driveways, and patios) using materials like bluestone, clay brick, and cobblestone. The homeowners sought to remove the starkness of the brand-new home by adding lush, fast-growing plants throughout the property. At the home’s entry, we added a picket fence and arbor and draped them with climbing rose bushes that bloom continuously throughout summer and fall.

The bluestone back patio is surrounded by an expansive lawn and flowering trees, shrubs, and perennials. To create privacy between the main home and the guest home, we screened the home with large perennial trees, sculpted berms, and specimen plants. Our clients opened up the basement to natural light through an intricate excavation and masonry project, and we added stone steps that connect to the custom patio. The gardens around the patio peak in the spring.

Keeping with the refrain of “old world,” The Todd Group planted an expansive fruit orchard framed by a stone and cedar arbor. Flowering vines and grapes grow up and above the structure, making it feel as though it is an integral part of the natural surroundings.

The orchard was planted above 27 dry wells that manage the water runoff for the property. Our irrigation team incorporated a drip irrigation system to keep lawns green and trees producing fruit. The orchard grows pears, apples, peaches, plums, nectarines, and apricots. The development of the irrigation and drainage system here and throughout the entire property incorporated the skills of our entire team.

The Todd Group’s stone masons are talented at what they do, and this property showcases their work beautifully. From the entry columns flanking the driveway to the stone retaining walls that form sunken beds and are filled with perennials and flowering shrubs to the stone steps connecting the now-excavated basement to the custom bluestone patio, stone work enhances the natural and curated landscape.

This stunning rolling estate blends natural surroundings with outdoor living. From tranquil spaces to a welcoming yard, this property now looks as though it has been enjoyed by a family for many years. The Todd Group’s team has expertise in all aspects of landscaping, hardscaping, irrigation systems, and so much more. Whether your property is a year old or a century old, we’re here to make it beautiful.


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