Each project begins with the completion of our Project Questionnaire. Upon receipt, one of our design team members will reach out to review as part of the introductory call.

The introductory call is a great opportunity answer any general questions, discuss your project needs and goals, review the Project Questionnaire, explain our design-build process, and schedule an on-site meeting.

The on-site meeting allows us to discuss your project needs while walking the property together. We value your time, and in an effort to be as efficient as possible, request that all decision making parties be present at the time. This will give us all a chance to see things firsthand, and an opportunity to review our design portfolio. After the on-site meeting, we will prepare a design contract to proceed into the Concept Design phase.


Deliverables received at the completion of the Introduction phase include:

  • Completed Project Questionnaire
  • Company Design / Services Portfolio
  • Landscape Concept & Budget Sample
  • Design Contract for Concept Design Phase


Our goal is to create a “Landscape Vision” for your property that addresses your needs and meets your project goals – on budget, on schedule, all within one seamless process.


During the concept design phase, we perform an initial site and zoning analysis to determine the feasibility of your project goals. This includes reviewing all available surveying, engineering, and architectural documentation available at the time. If documentation is outdated or not available, we will advise you on what is necessary to begin the concept design phase.


Upon completion of the analysis, we begin designing accordingly. Once the design is complete, we will schedule a time to meet and review with all decision making parties.


The fee for the concept design phase will be determined after our on-site meeting and presented as a design contract. Since each project scope is unique, the specific terms of the design (i.e. – # of site visits, meetings, revisions, etc.) will be outlined in the design contract.


Deliverables received at the completion of the Concept Design phase include:

  • Color concept plan with images depicting the character of all proposed hardscape and landscape features
  • Scope narrative and graphic delineation of all proposed features
  • High level budget used to begin defining costs and discuss potential phasing strategies
  • Completed Retainer Agreement
  • 3D modeling and rendered views are available at an additional cost
  • NOTE: Additional documentation from partnering consultants (current survey, topographical survey, tree location diagram, etc.), may be required at an additional fee during this phase


Once the Concept Design phase is complete, and we have collectively determined a working project budget, we will proceed into the Design Development / Build phase.


During this phase, we require a non-refundable retainer of 10% of the determined budget to move forward with the completion of the design. The completion includes hardscape selection, plant specification, and refinement of any custom work that may require additional detailing.


As we refine the design, we begin to create a final proposal for the implementation of the project. When the design is complete, and the final proposal is ready to be signed, the retainer from the project will be used towards the deposit amount.


Once the final proposal is signed, and the balance of the deposit is received, we will determine an approximate start date for the installation phase.

Deliverables received at the completion of the Design Development / Build phase include:

  • Schematic level design plan; scaled and labeled including material and plant selection
  • Additional construction sketches for custom features (i.e. – fireplace elevation, outdoor kitchen layout, etc.)
  • Material samples and supplemental images / cut sheets of proposed features as needed
  • Final proposal for the construction of the schematic level plan, incorporating any revisions/details covered during the Design Development phase
  • 3D modeling and rendered views are available at an additional cost
  • NOTE: Additional documentation from partnering consultants (structural drawings, drainage design, civil engineering, etc.), may be required at an additional fee during this phase