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Spring Clean Up is more than making your property pretty. It is about preparing your garden beds and creating optimal growing conditions. That way your Trees, Shrubs and Plants will be healthy and thrive.

We are Cleaning, Feeding, and Dressing Your Gardens!

Cleaning your garden: Weed your beds and cut back old stems and old foliage on perennials and grasses which weren’t cut back in the fall. Be sure to remove only dead wood from ornamental shrubs. But, be sure not to cut back your flowering shrubs because you will lose the flower buds that formed last year.

Feeding your garden: Apply Fertilizers to garden beds now. Fertilizers provide the nutrients your plants and lawn need to grow. Be sure to take note of the numbers on a fertilizer bag. NPK = Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium. These are the 3 major or macro -nutrients plants need for growth and to fight disease.

Dressing your garden: It is time to dress your garden with fresh mulch. Why? Because fresh mulch improves moisture retention, regulates soil temperature, protects the soil from compaction by heavy rains and prevents weed growth. Of course, there is also nothing better than the look and smell of fresh organic mulch.

landscape maintenance - cleaning, feeding & dressing your gardens

Is your garden in need of some cleaning, feeding and dressing? Please, give us a call at (908) 204-9918 and schedule an appointment today for us to come prepare your garden for optimal growth this season.