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As a single source for all of your landscape services, Statile & Todd is already a resource. This blog represents a way in which we can engage clients, vendors, partner businesses, and other interested parties and become a new kind of resource for all. The page will be updated weekly with new articles, trends in the industry or current events. As time goes on, these articles and informative blurbs will form an archive that can be used like a library to answer a multitude of questions about the landscapes around us.

Statile & Todd employs a talented and knowledgeable group of Landscape Architects and Designers, Horticultural Specialists and Field Technicians who have a wide base of experience. We want to share our knowledge with you in an interactive way. We design, install and maintain landscapes from small to large for residential and commercial properties. Do you have questions about design, design trends, or construction techniques? How about questions or comments on Landscape Lighting or Irrigation? Are you wondering how to keep your lawn in peak condition? If so, we would love to hear from you. Post your questions or comments and we will post our answers here for you!

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