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When you envision your outdoor space, does it include areas for relaxation and entertaining friends, neighbors, and family? The most relaxing and welcoming spaces include plenty of nature—trees, shrubs, and other plantings—but an essential component of a backyard sanctuary is the patio space.

You have many options when it comes to creating a patio, but stone is a wonderful way to craft a natural look while building something sturdy. Stone stands up to all of the elements (sun, snow, and everything in between) and you have many choices that are relatively low maintenance. A custom paver patio will give your space a distinct feel all its own. Here are five tips as you begin planning yours:

Start with the big picture.

Are you paving a small area? A large area? Will you pave walkways in addition to a large patio, and will you connect to smaller patios throughout your property? Knowing your grand scheme can help you not only with choosing materials but thinking about the visual elements of a paver patio. There are so many different types of materials available to you in all different sizes. Before you start choosing, plot out the spaces that will be paved.

paver patio


Draw your interior style outdoors.

If you’re doing things right, you shouldn’t just pick a stone and go for it. The type and color of stone you choose should coordinate with your interior design style. If you love earth tones and a rustic look, perhaps flagstone on the main patio spaces joined by a weathered brick paver will work well. If your interior style is more contemporary or modern, you might prefer slate and more of a non-tumbled paver. Don’t forget to take your home materials into account. Does your home have brick, stone, or clay construction?

paver patio around pool


Mix and match patterns—but don’t overdo it.

The sky is the limit when it comes to paver patterns you can choose for your outdoor space. Popular styles are herringbone, 45-degree herringbone, basketweave, boxed basketweave, random, and brick. If you’re planning curved or winding areas, you might incorporate a few circular design elements. You also might choose different materials for your patio’s border to vary the pattern and look/feel.

Consider the other stone elements.

Your paver patio is the largest part of your hardscape, but keep in mind that it should work in harmony with the other elements of your outdoor space. By this, we’re referring to stonescape elements like an outdoor kitchen, outdoor fireplace or fire pit, bench seating, retaining walls/other walls, and more.


The beauty of paver stones and stone work in general as part of your outdoor retreat is that the options are endless. However, that can make it difficult to design your patio yourself. The Todd Group has an experienced and highly skilled masonry team on staff who can educate you about your options and help you articulate what you’re looking for.

Together, we’ll put your vision to paper and design an impressive outdoor space. Your patio/backyard is an extension of your home, after all. Let’s take the time to create something you will love and enjoy for many years to come.