2009 Hummingbird Migration Map

The web link below will take you to a web site that monitors the northern migration of the Ruby-throated Hummingbird (Archilochus colubris). These tiny birds overwinter in Mexico, Central America or some Caribbean Islands. They begin their journey with an eighteen to twenty hour nonstop flight across the Gulf of Mexico to the Gulf States. Once stateside, they will follow the spring blooms northward to their nesting grounds. The migration map will enable you to plot their northern progress. Typically, they arrive here in central New Jersey at the end of March. Share this link with others and when they get close, get out your feeders! Previous year migrations are also documented on the site. ‘Hummers’ depend on nectar from flowers and sugar water from backyard feeders for nourishment. Bee balm, honeysuckle, morning glory, columbine, trumpet vine, and agastache are some of the perennials that will attract them to your garden. Try mixing in annuals such as salvia, impatiens and petunias which will also catch their eye and keep them in your garden.


So click on the link and watch their northern progress as these wonders of the bird world chase the coming spring.