Wes Rowe Headshot, The Todd Group

Wes ran his own landscape company in New Jersey for 10 years, gaining experience working with homeowners to design and create beautiful, functional outdoor living spaces. He’s a Bridgewater, New Jersey, native who joined The Todd Group for the opportunity to continue fulfilling his passion for bringing homeowners’ visions to reality and expand the scope and size of creative outdoor projects. Wes has overseen landscape construction crews for his own firm and will do the same for The Todd Group. As senior project manager, he will manage landscape construction and installation crews, and work with the project management team to ensure projects stay on time and on budget. Wes holds a Bachelor of Science in Landscape Contracting (Design/Build specialization) from The Pennsylvania State University.

Deep Roots with Wes Rowe

Keeping-it-real job title
Director of Vision Execution

How did you start your career?
I began mowing lawns at 14. I went to college intending to major in engineering, but I switched to landscape contracting once I realized that it fit me much better. I did landscaping and lawn maintenance on the side through college, and after I graduated, I started my own business.

What do you love about landscape design?
I love taking something that is in a state of disorder or a pain point for someone and transforming it into something useful and enjoyable.

How would past clients describe you?
As someone who is dedicated and pays attention to every detail.

Best book you’ve read in a while?
The Noise, by James Patterson

Words to live by?
Laugh every day.

Fun fact about Wes?
I was on the Penn State Woodsmen Team. We did timbersport competitions like sawing, chopping, and throwing.

Favorite tree/plant?
Cryptomeria, Norway spruce, and lilies.

Where do you feel most at peace?
When I’m with my wife and my dogs at our family’s property in the Finger Lakes area. That’s our escape.

Band you’d pay any amount of money to see?
I’ve spent more than I care to admit seeing Dave Matthews Band in concert.

BS, Landscape Contracting: Design/Build, The Pennsylvania State University, 2013