Sonya has experience working with New Jersey-based landscape designers, where she drafted designs for a variety of clientele. She’s a native of Bridgewater, New Jersey, who was drawn to The Todd Group for its commitment to building beautiful residential landscapes and familial environment. Sonya’s belief is that a landscape is more than just softscapes and hardscapes, but also must be in harmony with the indoors. She holds a Master of Landscape Architecture from Rutgers University and a Bachelor of Architecture from Pratt Institute. At The Todd Group, she’s excited about bringing creativity and balance to the natural spaces she designs.

Deep Roots with Sonya Shapoval

What drew you into landscape design? I really love nature and natural landscapes. I find it challenging to work with them because plant material is unpredictable, but that’s part of the fun. I’ve always been outdoorsy.

Any little-known facts about you? My family came from Ukraine. Following in their footsteps, I got involved in an organization called Plast, which is a global Ukranian scouting organization. I’ve always enjoyed activities like hiking and snowboarding.

Words to live by? Go with the flow.

Favorite plant? Too many. But the Allium flower is cool—it’s like a large purple sphere made up of many smaller flowers blooming on a long stem. I especially love any kind of long-lived, large tree, like an Oak or Maple with their sheltering branches.

What are you most passionate about? My family. I’m all about supporting family and friends. And from a career perspective, I want to make the world a more inviting, better place to spend time.

Home is where the heart is: where is that for you? My mom passed when I was little, and I was raised by her sister, so home is anywhere my aunt, my dog and my cats are. And probably anywhere with four seasons!

What’s one word to describe you? Reliable. People come to me with questions a lot. They can count on me to give them thoughtful advice.