The Todd Group - Creating award-winning outdoor spaces for discerning NJ homeowners since 1975

John grew up in the family tree business and started The Todd Group (as Todd’s Tree Service) in 1973. Two years later, he purchased Peters Tree Service, founded in 1922 by his great uncle, and eventually renamed it Peters Todd’s, now a sister company to The Todd Group. Through the years, John grew The Todd Group to meet clients’ needs, often travelling around the country and the world—from Nantucket, Massachusetts, to the country of Barbados, from Dallas, Texas to Lake Champlain, Vermont—to create incomparable outdoor spaces for the most discerning homeowners. Under John’s leadership, the company has grown into a full-service, premiere landscape company with a reputation for exceptional quality, expert workmanship, and unsurpassed client service. Peters Todd’s also offers a full suite of tree services to residential and commercial clients. Today, John provides oversight and leadership to the company, getting to know new clients and ensuring that The Todd Group’s operations run smoothly.

Deep Roots with John Todd

Keeping-it-real job title:
The Pioneer

How do you describe The Todd Group’s culture?
The people at this company truly want to please clients. We bring a positive attitude and a belief that no issue is unsolvable to every project. I’ve tried to develop a company that’s like a family. We treat each other with respect, trust each other, and commit to doing our very best work—not just for clients, but for each other.

Five things you need to do your job well?
Passion, vision, patience, determination, and a great team.

What makes The Todd Group different?
It’s pretty simple. We care from the ground up.

Having spent over 40 years with this company, what makes you proudest?
I’m very proud of the people who work here and the respectfulness and pride of workmanship they have. We care about quality, about doing things absolutely perfect, about finding solutions to clients’ issues. As a result, we are a respected company admired by others in our industry. That feels good.

Home is where the heart is: where’s that for you?
It’s where my family is. I also love Montana. When I’m in Montana, I’m the most at peace.

Words to live by:
Always be honest, caring, and loving to all. Never let the environment you’re in change who you are. Stay true to yourself.