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Deborah is the president of Deborah Cerbone Associates, an award-winning, high-end landscape architecture firm and sister company of The Todd Group. She is a Licensed Landscape Architect and Professional Planner. Since 1992, Deborah’s firm has provided a wide range of residential site planning, estate design, corporate facilities site design, garden design, country club design, and other services, and today, the company specializes in equestrian site planning. A longtime horse owner and equestrian herself, Deborah understands how to blend beauty and functionality on any horse property. Her passion for design is evident in her rich portfolio of past projects, but Deborah is also knowledgeable about horticulture and plant science. Frequently teaming up with The Todd Group’s internal landscape design and installation teams, Deborah Cerbone Associates can handle any project large or small—and the firm’s office is conveniently located on the same property as The Todd Group.

Deep Roots with Deborah Cerbone Todd

Keeping-it-real job title
Creativity Nerd

Where did your passion for landscape architecture come from?
I’ve loved nature and plants since I was a kid. When the other girls were playing Barbies, I was outside collecting moss and pebbles to build little environments for my trolls. I saved up to buy a greenhouse kit at age 17 and I’d propagate and sell plants. Discovering landscape architecture allowed me to combine my love of plant science and design.

How would your coworkers describe you?
Passionate about life, flexible, and family first. I raised my children by myself and I always encourage my employees to put their and their family’s well-being first.

What do you love most about what you do?
I love to use my talent and skill to help people. It is an amazing feeling when clients say, ‘Wow, I never thought about doing that.’ It’s second nature to me; I feel like beauty is all around me, so I’m always learning. If you look and listen, nature is a great teacher.

Why do you enjoy teaming up with The Todd Group?
Nobody does what The Todd Group does—they’re a one-stop shop for all things landscape, and they make the process easy from start to finish. They’re passionate about what they do and they have a highly knowledgeable team of professionals who are experts in their respective areas. I’m a perfectionist and they are even more so than me.

Favorite quote
The earth has music for those who listen. William Shakespeare

Bachelor of Science, Landscape Architecture, Rutgers University, 1984
Bachelor of Science, Plant Science, Rutgers University, 1982